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Live with Blake Thomas in Madison 10/2!

For the first time since the last time (which was March 13, 2020!) I’m back at the North Street Cabaret in Madison with Blake Thomas. . . And we have some very special guests: Chris Wagoner, Mary Gaines and Chris Sasman!

Tickets $20 – Buy in advance here

UK Tour Canceled

It saddens me deeply to say that the upcoming UK Tour with Blake Thomas (April/ May 2020) is canceled. Like so many musicians around the world, we are sheltering in our homes because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope you are all safe and healthy and I would love to keep in touch anyway. Please sign up for my email newsletter, check-in on Facebook (I’ll be doing some live virtual shows), and I’ll let you know as soon as the UK tour is re-booked!

Duo Shows with Blake Thomas

I am very excited to be playing some shows in Wisconsin this week with my old friend and long time collaborator, Blake Thomas, from Duluth, Minnesota. AND we will be heading to the UK together in late April for our first duo tour in. . . . well, too long to remember. Check out some videos & music here and keep an eye on the tour page for those show dates! 

New acoustic solo album:

2 days ago

Josh Harty Music
San Carlos, Colombia. The artwork, while beautiful, is a reminder of a wildly violent past and the healing that continues. A long war between a corrupt government, FARC & the cartels left no one safe from the bloodshed and ended only a decade ago. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Josh Harty Music
When I was really young I traveled around the Midwest singing a song called Little Bit of Love with my Dad for whomever would listen. Fast forward a bunch of years and I wrote Little Bit of Pain with Liv Mueller, Claire Kelly, Vincent Gates, & Barret Tasky at Love On Holiday. See many more videos on the *OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL* JoshHartyMusic ... See MoreSee Less
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