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Josh Harty is a messenger. A North Dakota songsmith. “A true son of the heartland whose bold defiance and riveting delivery channel the essence of American music” (Glide Magazine). As the son of a small town police chief and preacher, grandson of a South Dakota polka legend, Josh grew up performing with his dad at every Lutheran Church, Eagles Club, Moose Lodge and Rotary Club in the Upper Midwest. Having released several internationally-aclaimed albums and performing across the US & Europe, it is clear that Harty was born and bred for this. His live shows prove that good storytelling combined with journeyman musicianship is as authentic as music gets.

When Josh is not on the road, he resides in Madison, WI where is an active member of the local music scene. Josh is also a long-time member of Folk Alliance and a founding member of The Wisconsin Room: an organization that promotes WI artists to an international audience and brings world- class music to Madison from elsewhere in the form of intimate gigs at various venues.


  • Three Day Notice (2003) A collection of songs written mostly over 4 days after being asked to open for BB King (what a way to start a career!)
  •  A Long List of Lies (Magnolia Recording Co., 2008) debuted at number eight on the European Americana chart (ahead of the latest Van Morrison album). Produced, recorded and mastered in Madison, Wisconsin’s legendary Smart Studios (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Death Cab for Cutie, Garbage, Son Volt, etc), the album captures Harty’s “clean guitar attack and a finger style that glistens with a razor’s edge.” (NoDepression)
  •  Nowhere  (2011) was recorded at Base Camp Studios in Bozeman, MT by acclaimed performer, producer and engineer Chris Cunningham (Storyhill).  There is “a folksy bluesiness to much of his music on this album of slow, sparse but atmospheric tales” (American Roots UK).
  • 12 August (Money Wolf Music, 2014) is a duo album with fellow Americana artist John Statz . “This is clearly the work of two musicians who have full respect for one another, and this respect lays the foundations for what is an honest and intimate collection of Americana.” (Various Small Flames UK)
  • The Attic Session (2014) is another duo album with long time collaborator Blake Thomas recorded in an attic studio in Minneapolis.
  • Holding On (2016) features songs written on the road over 2+ years, performed by a full band. “An album of soul-touching songs. . . a profound mix of complete storytelling and accomplished musicianship” (Folkwords UK).
  • Handcrafted (2017) is a solo actousitc album recorded live in studio, released in Europe by Continental Record Services (Netherlands). A pleasant surprise…. It sounds so intimate that you occasionally think he is playing in your living room.” (BluesMagazine.NL)
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